Where I See Myself in 10 Years — May 13, 2016

Where I See Myself in 10 Years

Some people have their entire life planned out.  I on the other hand don’t.  It actually really scary to try to think about it.    I honestly don’t know where I’m gonna be in ten years.

I’ll be 28

I am majoring in biology.  So hopefully by that I’ll have a job.  I always loved the idea of helping people.  But I don’t like seeing people in pain.  So I decided to study biology and go into pharmacy.  Because pharmacy still helps people indirectly.    

I hope to have an enough money to have a nice house.  I think I’ll probably still live in New York

I would like a car but first I have to get my license.

If the right person comes into my life, I would like to get married.

In that case, I do want kids at some point.  I don’t think I’ll have that many kids.  Probably, just two kids.

I doubt that I’ll be friends with most of the people I’m friends with now.  Not because I don’t want to.  But because people go their own way and meet new people.  You think that how you know who your real friends are.

I would like to travel.  I’ve always want to go most of South America.  I also never been to any European countries, so that on the list of things to do.   

Obliviously, I can’t know everything that is going to happen in the future.  But I think I’ll just go with whatever happens when it does.  We’ll see what happens.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral — April 29, 2016

St. Patrick’s Cathedral


St. Patrick’s Cathedral


One of the most important event for seniors is the senior mass at the cathedral.  This pass Thursday was the mass.  The mass is for all catholic high school seniors in the archdiocese.  Everyone had to get there on their own.  My friends and I took the express bus to the cathedral.  The bus was filled with Spellman kids.  When we got there, there was like no one there.  So we waited outside for awhile.  But it was kind of cold so we went inside.  

Before the mass, they were practicing the songs and they showed us a dances to the songs.  It was really corny.  Fr. Joseph and Fr. Augustine   were really cool.  I think that more priest should be like them because they know how to relate and communicate to teens. After this, the Cardinal did the mass.  There were a lot of different schools there like St. Catherine’s, Raymond’s, Hayes, and other schools that I don’t really know the names of. 

Inside the Cathedral


After the mass, my friends and I went out to eat.  We went to this Up Thai place on 73rd-74th and 2nd ave.  My friends were the ones who heard of it.  At first, I was a little skeptical because I’m a really picky eater.  I ended up get pineapple fried rice with chicken and a Thai lemonade.    It was so good.  The funniest part was when it came time to pay for the bill we were struggling.   We had to count the money a good ten times.  And the waiter kept coming back to see if we were ready.  But with the help of coins we were able to finish paying.


The best part of the whole day was spending time with my friends because I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve hung out with certain people.  The mass at the cathedral help me realize that all seniors go through the stress of picking colleges and the final work but I can always rely on God to help me. 

Pet Peeves — April 15, 2016

Pet Peeves

Most people have different things or sayings that bother them.  Here is a list of some of my pet peeves:

  1. People who chew food or gum loud- like a cow
  2. Being late or being made late by other people
  3. People who says “no offense” as if what they are about to say is not offensive.
  4. people walk slow or stop out of no where- why would just all of a sudden decide to stop
  5. people who talk over someone who is in the middle of a sentence-I honestly wonder why I talk sometimes
  6. Having to repeat things because the person wasn’t listening/ then you tell them to forget it and they get mad
  7. Take public transportation-it takes forever/ the people
  8. Bus drivers who drive away as they see you running for the bus- and if you ever taken the bus you know what I mean
  9. People who say out loud what they are texting/ writing- did I ask you to tell me what you’re writing.
  10. drivers who don’t use their turn signals-Like Im crossing the street and I dont know which way the car is going so I cross and I have a car coming at me and the driver gets mad
  11. the saying, “same difference”-is it really the same if its different 
  12. girls who wear too much makeup
  13. people who eat or take the last of something and put the packaging-getting my hopes up and then there not being any
  14. not being able to drive- I have to take public transportation everywhere 
Holidays — March 31, 2016


Everyone has their own way of celebrating holidays.  But sometimes these holidays get  overseen because of commercialization.  Here are some examples of holidays that are overlooked:

Valentine’s Day

When we think of Valentine’s Day several things came to mind.  Heart shaped candy, cards, flowers, presents and fancy dinners.  People spend hundreds of dollars trying to impress their partner. 

The real reason for Valentine’s Day is attributed to a Christian martyr by the name of Valentine. 

St. Patrick’s Day

The color green is one of the main concepts of St. Patrick’s Day. Or at least that’s what industries want us to think. Stores sell green hats, scarves, T-shirts, candy and even green food.  Coffee places like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks have seasonal drinks just for each holiday.  Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.  Giving people another reason to drink. 

St. Patrick is supposed to be remembered on this day. 


Bunnies, colored plastic eggs, jelly beans, Easter baskets filled with candy… all symbolizes of what Easter is.  All far from what Ea
ster actually is… The Resurrection of Jesus Christ the most important celebration in the Catholic Church

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a lot like St. Patrick’s Day, another reason to drink.  Eating tacos is also associated with the holiday but is just a stereotype of the day and cultural. 

Cinco de Mayo is to celebrate the Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla.



Stores during this time are filled with candy, costumes and decorations.  Trick-or-treating, haunted house and Halloween Parties are what people think about when they hear Halloween.



Thanksgiving has become about the food and shopping deals.  Families usually have a big family dinner with a whole bunch of food.  Black Friday after Thanksgiving makes the entire holiday seem about the money and gifts rather than giving of what a person already has. 


Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Jesus but like all the other examples industry makes into something that it is not.  People put up their decorations and Christmas trees up as soon as Thanksgiving for loved one, wait for Santa to bring present… it is all misunderstanding of what the holiday is. 

There are more holidays that commercialized but I think these were the main ones.

100 Nights Dinner — March 11, 2016

100 Nights Dinner

A 100 Nights dinner is one of the several events to look forward to as a senior.  It means that there are a hundred days until we graduate.  So, it’s a little bitter/sweet. It’s a time for all to be together.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go.  But what I hear from my friends is that it was really fun.  There was a photo booth and everyone dressed up really nice. 

The only reason I didn’t go was because I went to a Sweet 16 that day. Now don’t get me wrong I would have liked to have gone to 100 Nights but the timing was at the same time.  And then the dinner was moved to 6 so technically I would’ve had time to go to both. But by that time I could RSVP anymore for the dinner.   

 It was my friend Shyan’s Sweet 16.  I’ve known Shyan since freshman year first period bio.  Shyan skipped a couple of grades so she just turned 16 this year. 

I had a lot of fun at her party.  She had her party at Eastwood Manor which is close to Spellman.  When my friend and I got there we were confused because we weren’t sure in which room the party was being held.  So we had to guess but Thank God the first door we tried was the right one.  There was several people from Spellman who went to the party.  The food and the cake were really good.  She had a photo booth.  Her 16 candle speeches were so cute, she was trying to make everyone cry.  The party finished at about 1.       

Favorite Shows — February 19, 2016

Favorite Shows

Hi, guys.

One of my favorite shows is Pretty Little Liars.  It airs every Tuesday at 8:00 pm to 9:00pm. 

Pretty Little Liars is a show about these four girls, Hannah, Aria, Spencer, and Emily who believe that one of their best friends, Alison is died.  The girls start searching for who killed Alison when they receive a text from someone who calls themselves AA has threaten the girls with their secrets that can ruin their relationships.

Hannah, Emily, Alison, Aria, and Spencer 

Throughout the series, the girls have had many theories of who A could be.  A was thought to be a group of people when the show first started.  Characters of the show even started playing the A game to try to protect the girls. 

***Don’t read the next paragraph if you plan on watching it or having caught up yet. ***

The true reveal of who A really was on season 6.    CeCe is A.  CeCe is Alison’s sister.  She was part of the show in the beginning but they never showed her again until the episode where they reveal who is A was.  I personally didn’t agree with the choice of character to be A because fans waited so long for this reveal.  And CeCe, I feel was irrelevant to the whole show after she left the first time. 

I can never must Pretty Little Liars.  I have to watch when it airs cause it’s not the same if I watch it later on.  Also if you miss one episode you’ll be lost in what’s going on.

So, if you’re a person who like mystery, this is could be the show for you.  The suspense will leave you wondering what’s next.   

About Me — February 12, 2016

About Me


Hey, guys.  My name is Naidelyn Gonzalez.  I’m a senior at Cardinal Spellman High School.  Besides that fact that I have to do this blog, I think it will be fun!  I’m gonna tell you a little bit about who I am in these random questions.

  1. When is your birthday?

          Answer: I was born on April 11.  I’ll be eighteen this year. 

  1. What’s my favorite animal?

           Answer: Penguins.

  1. What’s my favorite color(s)?

           Answer:  Purple and Green. 

  1. If I had one place where I would want to go on vacation where would I go?

          Answer: My dream is to go to Dominican Republic. 

  1. Now, you’re probably wondering why?

          Answer: Well my mom is Dominican.  And I’ve never been there.  For vacation, we usually end up going to Mexico.  My dad is Mexican.  Most of his side of the Family live over there. 

  1. Coke or Pepsi?

          Answer: Mostly Pepsi.  I also drink coke.  But I’ll drink whichever ones around. 

  1. Disney or Dreamworks?

          Answer: Disney hands down.  I grew up watching Disney.

  1. Tea or Coffee?

         Answer: Coffee.  I’ve been drinking coffee since forever. 

  1. Books or Movies?

           Answer: Movies.  Most of what I do on my free time is watch movies. 

  1. Chocolate or Vanilla?

           Answer: Vanilla if its cupcakes or ice cream. 

  1. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

          Answer: Harry Potter!!!  I love Harry Potter.  When they have the Harry Potter weekends that’s all I watch. 

  1. Morning or Night?

          Answer: Night.  I feel like I’m more awake at night. 

  1. Dancing or Singing?

          Answer: Singing.  I can’t dance. 

  1. Math or History?

           Answer: Math… some people might be like why?  Numbers have always made more sense in my head.  History, I feel is more of memorizing events. 

  1. Last one: Summer or Winter?

          Answer: In summer, there’s more time for relaxing.

Know you guys know a little bit more about me.  Leave comments to what your response is to some of these questions. Until next time.