St. Patrick’s Cathedral — April 29, 2016

St. Patrick’s Cathedral


St. Patrick’s Cathedral


One of the most important event for seniors is the senior mass at the cathedral.  This pass Thursday was the mass.  The mass is for all catholic high school seniors in the archdiocese.  Everyone had to get there on their own.  My friends and I took the express bus to the cathedral.  The bus was filled with Spellman kids.  When we got there, there was like no one there.  So we waited outside for awhile.  But it was kind of cold so we went inside.  

Before the mass, they were practicing the songs and they showed us a dances to the songs.  It was really corny.  Fr. Joseph and Fr. Augustine   were really cool.  I think that more priest should be like them because they know how to relate and communicate to teens. After this, the Cardinal did the mass.  There were a lot of different schools there like St. Catherine’s, Raymond’s, Hayes, and other schools that I don’t really know the names of. 

Inside the Cathedral


After the mass, my friends and I went out to eat.  We went to this Up Thai place on 73rd-74th and 2nd ave.  My friends were the ones who heard of it.  At first, I was a little skeptical because I’m a really picky eater.  I ended up get pineapple fried rice with chicken and a Thai lemonade.    It was so good.  The funniest part was when it came time to pay for the bill we were struggling.   We had to count the money a good ten times.  And the waiter kept coming back to see if we were ready.  But with the help of coins we were able to finish paying.


The best part of the whole day was spending time with my friends because I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve hung out with certain people.  The mass at the cathedral help me realize that all seniors go through the stress of picking colleges and the final work but I can always rely on God to help me. 

Pet Peeves — April 15, 2016

Pet Peeves

Most people have different things or sayings that bother them.  Here is a list of some of my pet peeves:

  1. People who chew food or gum loud- like a cow
  2. Being late or being made late by other people
  3. People who says “no offense” as if what they are about to say is not offensive.
  4. people walk slow or stop out of no where- why would just all of a sudden decide to stop
  5. people who talk over someone who is in the middle of a sentence-I honestly wonder why I talk sometimes
  6. Having to repeat things because the person wasn’t listening/ then you tell them to forget it and they get mad
  7. Take public transportation-it takes forever/ the people
  8. Bus drivers who drive away as they see you running for the bus- and if you ever taken the bus you know what I mean
  9. People who say out loud what they are texting/ writing- did I ask you to tell me what you’re writing.
  10. drivers who don’t use their turn signals-Like Im crossing the street and I dont know which way the car is going so I cross and I have a car coming at me and the driver gets mad
  11. the saying, “same difference”-is it really the same if its different 
  12. girls who wear too much makeup
  13. people who eat or take the last of something and put the packaging-getting my hopes up and then there not being any
  14. not being able to drive- I have to take public transportation everywhere