A 100 Nights dinner is one of the several events to look forward to as a senior.  It means that there are a hundred days until we graduate.  So, it’s a little bitter/sweet. It’s a time for all to be together.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go.  But what I hear from my friends is that it was really fun.  There was a photo booth and everyone dressed up really nice. 

The only reason I didn’t go was because I went to a Sweet 16 that day. Now don’t get me wrong I would have liked to have gone to 100 Nights but the timing was at the same time.  And then the dinner was moved to 6 so technically I would’ve had time to go to both. But by that time I could RSVP anymore for the dinner.   

 It was my friend Shyan’s Sweet 16.  I’ve known Shyan since freshman year first period bio.  Shyan skipped a couple of grades so she just turned 16 this year. 

I had a lot of fun at her party.  She had her party at Eastwood Manor which is close to Spellman.  When my friend and I got there we were confused because we weren’t sure in which room the party was being held.  So we had to guess but Thank God the first door we tried was the right one.  There was several people from Spellman who went to the party.  The food and the cake were really good.  She had a photo booth.  Her 16 candle speeches were so cute, she was trying to make everyone cry.  The party finished at about 1.