Hey, guys.  My name is Naidelyn Gonzalez.  I’m a senior at Cardinal Spellman High School.  Besides that fact that I have to do this blog, I think it will be fun!  I’m gonna tell you a little bit about who I am in these random questions.

  1. When is your birthday?

          Answer: I was born on April 11.  I’ll be eighteen this year. 

  1. What’s my favorite animal?

           Answer: Penguins.

  1. What’s my favorite color(s)?

           Answer:  Purple and Green. 

  1. If I had one place where I would want to go on vacation where would I go?

          Answer: My dream is to go to Dominican Republic. 

  1. Now, you’re probably wondering why?

          Answer: Well my mom is Dominican.  And I’ve never been there.  For vacation, we usually end up going to Mexico.  My dad is Mexican.  Most of his side of the Family live over there. 

  1. Coke or Pepsi?

          Answer: Mostly Pepsi.  I also drink coke.  But I’ll drink whichever ones around. 

  1. Disney or Dreamworks?

          Answer: Disney hands down.  I grew up watching Disney.

  1. Tea or Coffee?

         Answer: Coffee.  I’ve been drinking coffee since forever. 

  1. Books or Movies?

           Answer: Movies.  Most of what I do on my free time is watch movies. 

  1. Chocolate or Vanilla?

           Answer: Vanilla if its cupcakes or ice cream. 

  1. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

          Answer: Harry Potter!!!  I love Harry Potter.  When they have the Harry Potter weekends that’s all I watch. 

  1. Morning or Night?

          Answer: Night.  I feel like I’m more awake at night. 

  1. Dancing or Singing?

          Answer: Singing.  I can’t dance. 

  1. Math or History?

           Answer: Math… some people might be like why?  Numbers have always made more sense in my head.  History, I feel is more of memorizing events. 

  1. Last one: Summer or Winter?

          Answer: In summer, there’s more time for relaxing.

Know you guys know a little bit more about me.  Leave comments to what your response is to some of these questions. Until next time.